Alternative Lending 

Author: Mock Webware |

More and more Canadians are finding that they cannot qualify under the newly imposed stress test and are in search of a different type of mortgage financing solution. This is when a qualified Mortgage Agent can help you explore alternative financial solutions such as an Alternative Lender (also known as a B-Lender). 

Clients that tend to have the most difficult time qualifying for a mortgage using a traditional lender are:

  • Self-employed / Non-traditional income
  • Low credit score
  • Not able to meet the Stress Test
  • Not aligned with the GDS/TDS ratios

We understand the struggles many will face as traditional financial institutions turn your business away, making it difficult to obtain a mortgage. When you work with RS Mortgage Solutions you’re working with one of the top alternative mortgage brokerages in Canada (Money broker Canada) and you’re in good hands. 

RS Mortgage Solutions has access to some of the best rates and terms in the financial industry and can help to get you approved for a mortgage and improve your credit history, so you’ll be back in the good books of a traditional lender. 

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