David Smith

Author: Mock Webware |

On a recent purchase, Rob was a tremendous help in guiding us through the process of acquiring a mortgage for our own home. In fact, the process has started almost a year earlier, as we had been referred to Rob as a great contact for purchasers of investment properties. As often happens (we learned), you get up to bat and strike out before you get the home run when trying to compete with other like-minded investors. Robs patience and guidance extended far, far beyond that of a mortgage broker. Being in work-for-self is challenging in today’s financial world, even if you have equity, even if you have a great credit rating. Unforeseen bumps in the road (due to minor dents in our credit rating) and the inevitable last-minute craziness, Rob was calm and professional throughout. We believe without Rob, we would not have been able to make the purchase. But he made it happen, as promised. What more can you ask from any professional?  

Thanks Rob, our family appreciates all you did, and what you most assuredly will do for us in the future!!

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