Darrell V – Port Perry

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When I learned that Robert had experience in dealing with self employed income, I called to see what he could do for me. I was in a unique situation where I needed to pull equity from my home to help pay off some debts plus, I wanted equity to invest and finish my home renovations. Being in a position where I am not declaring a lot of income it made it impossible at the banks to obtain a mortgage. I even had no help trying another mortgage agent. When I met with Rob it was clear how knowledgeable and thorough, he was. He was asking me questions that other agents haven’t and immediately I knew that Rob was the right fit for me. He would call me at least once a week to keep me updated with the process and was there for me right till the end. If you are in need of a Mortgage Agent that specializes in options other than your regular bank give Rob a call.

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